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Transmission Records

Transmission Records

In 1995 Van Vuuren founded a separate label new releases: Transmission Records. He was able to place first Ayreon, then After Forever and Epica (all three acts have reached the album charts in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, for starters and toured around the world), on the musical map via this label, not to mention albums by bands such as Helloïse and Asrai and the metal opera Aina.

Transmission’s releases were notable for the inventive songs and playing, a superior sound quality, tasteful artwork and packaging and inlays, which were often nothing short of sumptuous. This, combined with an international network, which had been carefully built up over the years, meant that the albums reached fans all over the world via distribution and licensing deals.


The first new release brought out by Transmission in 1995 was The Final Experiment, an ambitious project by the hard rock guitarist Arjen Lucassen, which had been dismissed by the big record companies as ‘interesting but totally unmarketable’. Transmission succeeded in launching this Ayreon project as a cult phenomenon. It formed the basis for a whole series of rock opera’s, which spread like wildfire over the whole planet.

Meanwhile Transmission shifted the emphasis to ‘female fronted’ metal bands. While the bigger record companies hesitated to trade in on the wave of front women who presented themselves at the beginning of the 21st century Transmission simply stuck their neck out. Here, too, it appeared that the company had foresight, resulting in international success for After Forever, Epica and Asrai.


If you want to send us a demo of your band, or the band you’re representing, please follow the instructions listed below.

The Demo Policy

We do listen to every submission that comes to Transmission, although it can take some time for us to listen to them all. If we like the demo we will contact you. And if we don’t like it, we won’t contact you. This policy is the result of both a heavy workload and severe time restraint.

Suggestions and Requirements

Please send either a Compact Disc, or MP3s or a DVD. And please send all contact information possible with your package (phone, address, email, etc.) so that if we like it we’ll be able to contact you quickly and easily. Send your demo to…

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Thank you for your time and for thinking of us here at Transmission Records. Your interest in and support of the label is greatly appreciated.