okt 23 2014

New release: 3CD THE OUTSIDERS – Everything On Earth


PSEUDONYM RECORDS are pleased to announce from the original master tapes of the album Everything On Earth by the legendary Dutch beat band THE OUTSIDERS.

While Shocking Blue, the Tee-Set and the Golden Earring were able to achieve short-term international success, arguably the Dutch band whose music has had the most sustained impact beyond the borders of the Netherlands is the Outsiders. That impact may have come belatedly and on an underground level, but its reverberations are still being felt today, as garage bands around the world continue to derive inspiration from the prolific songbook of Wally Tax and Ronnie Splinter.

Complementing Pseudonym’s recent Thinking About Today: Their Complete Works Outsiders anthology, Everything On Earth gathers together a selection of unissued-at-the-time recordings that will give listeners an insight into the band’s creative process and the unique chemistry that bound them together as songwriters and musicians. The deluxe 3CD set consists of studio demos from January 1966, including early run-throughs of their hit Lying All The Time, live recordings from Breda taped in February 1967, a raft of demos and alternate takes from their CQ album sessions in 1968, and a trove of unreleased tracks by Wally Tax’s post-Outsiders combo Tax Free.

Across these three discs can be heard the rarest of the rare Outsiders tracks. Whether live or in the studio, they reveal the band at work, doing what they did best: playing their music. The set is packaged with a lavish booklet loaded with session information, rare photos and epherema and liners notes by Mike Stax.

Release April 22nd 2014

Order your copy by mail: office@centertainment.nl